Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure Receives Silver Gilt Award for Exceptional Horticultural Achievements

By: Manor Walks

Manor Walks Shopping & Leisure is proud to announce that they have won the prestigious Silver Gilt Award from Northumbria in Bloom. This community-led initiative is dedicated to enhancing the beauty and sustainability of Northumberland and recognises communities who work together to transform their town through gardening, environmental awareness and community support.

The Silver Gilt Award, presented by Northumbria in Bloom has recognised the outstanding efforts and achievements from the shopping centre based in Cramlington in creating beautiful and environmentally friendly landscapes. This commendation acknowledges the high standards of horticulture, innovative projects, community involvement and environmental responsibility demonstrated by the team whilst enhancing the aesthetics of the shopping centre.

“The Silver Gilt Award is a testament to the hard work, dedication and creativity displayed by the Manor Walks team,” said Nick Lambert, Manor Walks Centre Manager. “We have strived to create an environment that promotes sustainability, environmental responsibility and a sense of pride in our shopping centre. This recognition from Northumbria in Bloom encourages us to continue enhancing our efforts and pursuing even higher standards in the future.”.