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Top Tips for Working From Home

30 March 2020

Working from home for most of us will be a new concept to grasp and although the sound of working from the comfort of your own home can sound like a dream, it can be very difficult. You’ve got the pets wanting to sit on your knee and play all day, the kids are running around making noise you’d never hear in the office, your bed is so much more comfy to work from but you’ll then struggle to sleep… the list goes on. So we’ve put together a little guide of top tips to help you with working from home.

  1. Build your workspace.

Yes your bed is comfy, so if the sofa, but they’re also your chill out zones! Don’t get the two confused because work will constantly be on your mind and will prevent you from sleeping!

Since we won’t be attending any social events for a while, why not turn your dressing table into a workstation? Or your breakfast bar / dinner table? Try to avoid rooms where kids will be playing and other noise distractions.

  1. Get dressed for work

Having a shower and changing into fresh clothes can make a world of difference in lifting your mood! Or even a fresh pair of PJ’s / lounge wear if you really want to live up the home working life.

  1. Plan your day (with regular breaks!)

Making a schedule of your day can help with structuring your life and give you ‘normality’! Some people like to wake up, grab a coffee and start working straight away which is much earlier than normal working hours – then take a breakfast break when they feel the urge. 

Others stick to their usual 8am breakfast, 9am start working routine… decide which works best for you and roll with it!

Breaks are essential to keeping focused so take as many as you need and don’t feel guilty for it… You’re probably not working 100% of the time in work anyway!

  1. Set personal goals

We all have a workload and sometimes theres no official timeframe for them to be finished. If you set yourself a realistic goal for completion of work, it can help you to be more productive.

For example, my goal of today is to finalise this ‘Working from home tips’ blog today!

What do you want to achieve today?

  1. Use chores as a timer

Lets be honest, whilst you’re working from home you’re aim is to get back on track with the household chores especially the 2 week washing pile!

Pop the washing in and use the time it is washing / drying as dedicated work time. Same can apply for cooking / leaving cleaner on the oven etc… and then once the time us up go back to chores for a short while and by the end of the day you’ll be able to chill out more feeling double accomplished!

  1. Interact with others

If you’re used to working in an office with others, secluding yourself from human interaction will probably leave you feeling down! If you live with others, work alongside them or go visit them for a chat when you hit the ‘wall’. If you live alone, video call your friends / work colleagues!

Remember you're working from home, not another universe!